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  • Complete explanation of how the BBQ Diet works. Dozens of studies show that the BBQ Diet technology helps people lose weight faster, and keep it off. We show you just how and why this diet works, and we encourage you to understand the science behind it, since the knowledge will help you in successfully changing your diet.
  • Tips on doing it successfully. It’s one thing to know the tech; it’s another to implement. Well, nothing is easier to implement than the BBQ Diet when you listen to these great secrets of success.
  • Easy list of what not to eat. It’s short and sweet. No need to measure and calculate. And you can eat like a king.
  • Weekly Menus – A different large menu each week, like in a restaurant. Simply choose the menu items you’d like and go to the recipe. Helps maintain meal variety.
  • Complete meal plans: Prefer it’s all laid out? Choose from twenty breakfasts, forty lunches, or a hundred (100!) different dinners.
  • Tips on eating out. What to order at dinner, what to get when you’re out at lunch with co-workers.
  • Snack foods! The toughest thing, right? Incorrect, Watson. The tough thing is shopping for new clothes that fit. Snacking the BBQ Diet way is easy.
  • Recipes. More than a hundred recipes, all adjusted to the BBQ Diet.