Q: How is the BBQ Diet different from other diets?

A: It is now accepted that carb-restrictive diets, “smart diets,” create more dramatic and longer-lasting weight loss than fat restrictive or calorie-restricted diets. So, if you’re comparing the BBQ Diet to any of those “dumb” diets, it doesn’t even compare – it works when the others don’t, so the important question is how does the BBQ diet differ from other smart diets?

Q: How does the BBQ Diet differ from other smart diets, then?

  1. A: Let me count the ways:
    1. It’s much easier to do, so you’re more likely to succeed. Like barbecue? Perfect. See how easy that was?
    2. Like the Paleo Diet, we believe we are genetically disposed to eat more proteins and fewer starches and sugars, but the BBQ Diet accepts that there have been changes, both in our genotype and our world – and allows you to have some grains, some dairy, and mostly to live more comfortably in our modern world than Paleolithic Man lived in his. It wasn’t easy being a Paleolithic man back then, and it’s even harder now!
    3. Like Atkins diet, we believe you have to limit bad carbs, but we don’t worry about limiting fats because studies show that fat intake increases metabolism, and we don’t have complicated “phases” of weight loss and changing diet plans – BBQ Diet is simple and easy. Just start it and lose.
    4. Like the Zone diet, we agree that the key to weight loss is achieving proper hormone balance is the key to weight loss, but we don’t think it’s as complicated as exact proportions, and we certainly don’t believe in working hard to limit calories. And the Zone’s another one with complicated phases. Forget about it. No suffering in the BBQ Diet.
    5. Like the Glycemic-Index Diet, The BBQ Diet recognizes that sugars and starches raise your insulin level and cause your body to store fat, but the BBQ Diet doesn’t make you count and measure – you just don’t eat a few key foods. And the BBQ Diet encourages meat-eating. Done. Easy. Grab a burger.


Q: Why is this called the BBQ Diet? Can you only eat barbecue?

A: You can eat all kinds of meats, fish, chicken, seafood, etc. on the diet. Almost all these protein choices can be of course be cooked on a barbecue, but they can also be oven roasted, pan-fried, etc. It’s called the BBQ Diet because we do want to eat like our ancestors – healthy meats, fresh vegetables and fruit, prepared around a fire – and what is the modern version of that? BBQ! Every man, every woman grilling out on the back porch, patio, or balcony is one step closer to our healthy eating ancestors, one step closer to health; they’re on the BBQ Diet.


Q: But is barbecue cooking really healthier?

A: Definitely. Compare barbecue cooking to another type of cooking: Baking. The Baking Diet would be a disaster, of course. Nothing but flour and sugar in the food, cakes and breads for every meal, a cramped hot kitchen. Blood sugar soars, insulin skyrockets, cellular-level insulin resistance worsens further, even more fat is retained, the Baker passes through obesity and fatigue into middle-aged illness and death. By contrast, the BBQ diet focuses on healthy meats cooked fresh, green veggies, salad, and the great outdoors. Steer clear of the Baking Diet, the Confectioner’s Diet, and the Ice-cream Maker’s Diet.


Q: How does alcohol fit in with the BBQ Diet?

A: Alcohol and barbecuing go together, of course. Here’s the thing about alcohol: It’s not the calories from the alcohol that make you gain weight, it’s that the alcohol has a chemical effect that decreases the body’s rate of fat metabolism. You burn less fat with as little as two drinks. That said, numerous large studies report that people who take two drinks a day are healthier than tee-totalers. Why? Who knows. But combine the health effects of two drinks with the health effects of eating the BBQ Diet way, and you’re set. What about six drinks a day, or twelve? Then you just have an alcohol problem, not an eating problem.