The BBQ Diet

The BBQ Diet is a scientifically-proven eating plan which helps you lose weight while eating great food. By removing just a few bad food items from your diet, and adding more barbecue meats and fish, you can reset your body chemistry to shed excess pounds, increase energy – and all without hunger, without restricting yourself from eating great food – especially barbecue!

Our ancestors cooked healthy meats and fish over fires for 100,000 years, along with eating fresh fruit and vegetables, and our bodies are specifically designed for this kind of diet – but how do we reproduce that diet in our modern world? The BBQ Diet! The foods we cook on grills are great for us! (And it doesn’t even have to be cooked on a grill.)

The BBQ Diet increases muscle mass, dramatically enhances your energy level, improves cardiovascular health, increases human growth hormone, and more – It’s all scientifically proven, but the BBQ Diet makes it good eating, which makes it easier to do. The problem with many diets, even if they’re based on good science, is that they are complicated or difficult to do. And if it’s too difficult, if we can’t eat good food, celebrating with friends, going out to restaurants, enjoying meals with families – then we fail.

You will not fail with the BBQ Diet. This will change your life if you give it a real try.

the bbq diet image